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Growth Summit 2021

I attended WP Growth Summit 2021 on 17th August and want to try experimenting with categories and tags.

Test image to learn how to add images to my blog.

A Good Gawk 2012, the Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin 9 . I created this installation for Sculpture In Context 2012 and got a lot of reaction to this work which consisted of 39 ceramic pairs of eyeballs; each eyeball was 10 ins / 25 cm wide.

New Button

I just put in a new ‘Buy Now’ button for my ceramic eyeballs on the page called ‘Balls 2012. The images on this page are a record of work which I had created over the years. I would have to remake each selected pair of eyeballs. In the coming days, I will be tidying the page ‘Balls 2012’.

Archive Page

Just finished putting up all the outdoor busts that I had created on my Archive Page; 22 Onlookers and 16 Roadside Onlookers. As I have sold most of these busts, I would have to make a new version of the specific bust that someone may select off my archive page. They are not on sale yet because I still have to decide on a price for them.

Selling Online

I am getting ready to start selling my artwork online. Nonetheless, I will only have my smallest artworks available for sale. If you want something larger, I will have to charge a sizable shipping fee because I will have to use an art handling company to pack and transport the piece to you. Here’s to a brave new world. Admin.